Mid 100 visits Lincoln Aero Modelers

                                    Steve Mason directing operations from a cool clubhouse


Midland Area is running the 100-training initiative across the Midland area helping individual flyers and clubs with most disciplines within the BMFA achievement scheme.

The response has been superb and we are on our way to making our target of 100 new achievements.

The Lincoln Aero modellers requested the areas help as a number of their members were looking for an A or B and had limited access to an examiner. Steve Mason the Midland area ASRC and Chris Anderson spoke to Robert Smith Lincoln’s treasurer to see what they could do to help. A date was arranged for the area trainers and examiners to visit the club in conjunction with a family day event laid on by Lincoln. Unfortunately, no BQ due to dry crops surrounding the flying site great news for the safety of the environment but replaced by bring your own picnic.

 The Midland visit was supported by an excellent weather forecast but a blustery cross wind did not put off candidates. The wall-to-wall sunshine and very warm conditions brought out Lincoln member’s the best turn out the club have seen in years.

 Steve & Chris were assisted by Retford MFC examiner Richard Wilkins and all were busy from 10am till 5pm. Candidates were given training in the morning for A and B fixed wing and assessed after lunch.

Two members are now in possession of an “A” achievement on the day, Terry Anderson and Cliff Harrow both flew well in the cross-wind conditions after the morning training session. Cliff at 80 years young has inspired other members to practise for an “A”

A number of other candidates were given help with their achievement flying to gain the necessary certificate, unfortunately some were not successful but left with helpful tips and what was required for their next attempt.

Thanks to the Lincoln members for their support on the day, great club and members, the area hopes to be invited again next year.

                                                   Great turn out with few parking spaces left