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The Achievement Schemes are run at local level by Club Examiners who will be tested and appointed by an Area Chief Examiner, arranged by their local Area Achievement Scheme Co-ordinator.

The principal duty of a Club Examiner is to test applicants for ‘A’ and ‘B’ Certificates and to maintain the standards of the Achievement Scheme, both in their club environment and further afield. Consistency of testing is important and Club Examiners should keep abreast of developments within the Scheme. An excellent method of achieving this is attendance at Examiner / Instructor workshops however it must be noted that it is NOT a requirement for club examiners to attend a workshop before being assessed.

Examiners are appointed specifically to clubs and may not operate unless initially appointed by a club and then ratified annually by at least one club. It is important to note that Club Examiner status is an appointment, not a qualification and is subject to annual re-ratification. A candidate must have held the B certificate in the relevant discipline for at least 6 months before being proposed as a Club Examiner.

To request a Club Examiner assessment for one of your club members the Club Secretary/Chairman must apply to your Area Achievement Scheme Co-ordinator who will then appoint an Area Chief Examiner to conduct the assessment. Wherever possible the ACE should come to your club to conduct the assessment and you are quite at liberty to insist the assessment is carried out at your flying site, however to facilitate quick assessments it is possible for the assessments to be conducted at another flying site or the BMFA National Centre, it is also acceptable for the assessment to be conducted by an Area Chief Examiner from another BMFA Area with your Area Co-ordinators approval.

There is a specified procedure for the Club Examiner assessment and it is important candidates prepare in advance for the assessment by ensuring they are fully conversant with both the A and B tests in the discipline they are being assessed for and have knowledge of the other discipline A tests. Candidates should also prepare a suitable suite of questions to ask during tests, these questions will be approved by the Area Chief Examiner during the assessment.

Candidates should familiarise themselves with the assessment procedure which is available to download from

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