Midland 100

The Midland Area is pleased to announce an exciting and inspirational BMFA Achievement Scheme initiative to celebrate the BMFA Centenary that is taking place during 2022. Not all clubs have an examiner so the area is making it easier for candidates by arranging for achievements to be carried out locally at a club of their choice. All disciplines will be catered for although for drones and helicopters this may require the candidates to travel a little further from home to attend a suitable club for testing. You do not have to be Midland club member, country members welcome to attend

Area Objective

To achieve 100 new A + B Achievement scheme certificates and 10 new club examiners within the Midland Area during the centenary year. To help prepare you for the initiative the area is organising  training days across the area see separate page for details and location.

It is hoped that you will be prepared for the test before attending, however, guidance will be offered on the day. A check list will be sent to you after registration to attend the club of your choice.

Please help the area to help you and achieve the target of 100