Eric Clark Obituary

I am very sorry to report the peaceful passing of Eric Clark on 4th November, 2021 at Leicester Royal Infirmary, at the age of 87.
Eric’s father was a policeman working in the Lancashire Area, Eric inherited his father’s stature most suitable for sporting activity.
Eric has enjoyed a very full life in the early days playing football to a professional standard.
Eric became an apprentice printer, ultimately owning his own business in the Southport area..
Eric not only engaged in printing but the manufacture and worldwide sale of scale wartime models of Tanks, Guns ,ships and armoured vehicles. all to exquisite scale.
In the seventies, Eric turned his interests to tethered car racing both scale and non-scale at the same time visiting full scale racing circuits where he was well known in that field of sport.
Eric spent many happy hours flying Radio Control Scale aircraft on Southport Sands (when the tide was out !!!!)
Later on , Eric persuaded (after many attempts ) to gain the hand of his one and only love, Louisa…success at last.!
As Eric took place in the organisation of aeromodelling in the North West Area so his interests in free flight scale grew with Louisa’s support. (a plane should look like a plane !!!)
Eric has always been a keen supporter of the British Model Flying Association and with Louisa to guide him hosted many British National and Midland Area Festival of Flight venues at Barkston looking after the dignatories as a PRO for the association.
Always good for a long chat, we are lucky to have had the benefit of his life since 1959. As a relief Navigator in a Canberra PR3 his day was spoiled by a Syrian Mig 23 whose cannon shells reduced his starboard engine to a molten mass…..time to go ! A safe decent followed with Eric landing in a herd of goats who took no time in investigating this nibblesom gift from heaven.

The Pilot and Eric survived but the other crew member perished with the aircraft. Diplomatic efforts resulted in Eric being returned to his squadron…….
Eric was a “one off” who will be missed by many ….a gentleman.