Club Delegate

In discussion with some of the respondents the question has come up of ‘What is a Club Delegate? What is their role?’ so let me explain here.
In summary, this is the person who provides the main liaison between the club, it’s members and the BMFA.
When the area or BMFA holds meetings, e.g. AGMs, it is impractical for all members of a club to attend and so a single person is nominated by the club to represent them at these meetings, speak up for the club’s views where appropriate, and to vote on any motions or resolutions that may be put forward. Following on from these meetings, it is then up to the delegate to pass this information back to their club’s members.
The club delegate also acts as the main conduit for information between the area and the club. It is impractical for us at area to maintain an email list for nearly 3000 members and so we rely on communication between us and the 100 or so delegates.


Chairman Midland area